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Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle

Jan 28, 2021

When the new year found us on the calendar, many of us made a resolution to… shrink. We wanted to drop a few pounds and lose a few inches. The holidays brought meals, sweets and treats and the bathroom scale told us that we celebrated well. Getting smaller is an annual hope for many of us each January. There is another kind of shrinkage that is taking place in the Church. We have been prone to shrink down our understanding of the Kingdom of God. There is something inside each Christian that tends to reduce the Kingdom down to something that resembles us, our tribe, our church, our denomination or even our political and cultural views. God wants us to remove our grubby little hands off of His Kingdom and to welcome it to remain all that He ordained it to be.

In this episode, Jeff helps us to understand how easily we all can take what is immeasurable in the Kingdom and unwisely, even sinfully, shrink it down to suit our own tastes. As we approach the end of the age, Jesus is not going to return to endorse our own version of the Kingdom. He is presently shaking all that can be shaking so that only what cannot be shaken will remain. What remains will inevitably be the Kingdom that He has designed since before time began. This is the Kingdom view that He will endorse, advance and manifest through us.

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