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Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle

Jan 3, 2023

Episode 129: The Spirit Of The Age Has Infected The Climate Of The Church

It is a long title, but there was not a better way to describe what has happened to the Church in America. Jesus once rebuked two of His closest followers for not discerning what spirit they were operating in. This same rebuke is being spoken over much of the Church today. The divisive, hostile, hyper-sensitive, reactionary spirit in the culture has now infected local churches and the symptoms are primarily visible on Christian’s social media feeds. While it is plain to see in others, can I take a look in the mirror and discern it in myself? Today’s podcast calls us to decontaminate our hearts and churches before we get too much further into a new year. We must address the spirit of the age which is resisting the Spirit of God. We invited it in, we have to kick it out.