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Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle

Dec 27, 2022

Episode 128: What God Said To Me

Sometimes we feel compelled to put our latest favorite song in our playlist on continuous play. It impacts us, speaks to us, stirs us, or settles us. We just want to hear it over and over in a loop. In the late Fall of 2022, God spoke one sentence to me that startled me. It actually hurt a little at first, but I knew it was Him speaking. As weeks went on, I would hear this same word from the Lord on repeat in my spirit, and it soon took on the scent of an invitation from Him. His continuous loop kept playing in my head and it began to shape my approach to the coming year. In today’s episode, I share that word and leave it for you, the listener, to decide if it also might be a call from Him to you.